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FAQ - Earnings

Coins are real money paid to users on BOLFOX.COM for carrying out various activities. We share part of the earnings through advertisements.

We believe in recognizing the efforts of genuine users who contribute in the growth of our platform. Hence, we share part of our earnings with the user that makes a healthy contribution.

When you are carrying out an activity on BOLFOX.COM and if that section of the platform entitles an earning, you will be prompted of the reward.

Yes, we do have various deductions, you can refer to the table below for the list of deductions.

For deleting an item posted -$1.00
Removing a friend from your contact -$10.00
Daily not login -$1.00
Invalid post (not meeting the requirements) -$1.00

You can withdraw the money by submitting the request on your account page.

Currently you can withdraw via PayPal or bank transfer. Transaction fees are deducted from your withdrawal amount.

Yes, you are allowed to withdraw only if your account balance has minimum $50 at the time of withdrawal.

Currently we do not have limitations in the number of withdrawals.

Every withdrawal is manually processed. Every source of earning in your account is verified. During the verification process, if we come across any discrepancies or have noticed using proxies to use our website or any illegal activities other than normal use will result in rejecting your withdrawal and also could result in termination of account.

Yes, for every rejection you can contact customer service for clarification. If you have valid evidence to prove otherwise, you can raise a request for reconsideration.

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Every genuine activity on BOLFOX is recognized and rewarded.