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Features and usages of Ethiopian opals

The Ethiopian opals are excellent crystals for psychic development. They can be used in meditation to help increase the ability to see the future, also known as precognition. Loose Morganite magnifies the awakening of the kundalini and is highly protective, helping to release fear and providing a protective energetic barrier around them.


  They are known for the way they help astral travel, helping to strengthen psychic communication and improve intuition. Ethiopian Opal Properties help you change the way you think and can help you make decisions. They are beneficial to stimulate creativity, have a good energy to balance the chakras and are excellent healing stones that can help cure a number of health problems, including help in weight issues.

Wherever these crystals are, they will create a more positive environment, as they are known to transmute negativity both in you and in the area around you.

Where does it come from? Ethiopian Opal Meaning

The meaning of the word Opal comes from a Greek word 'opallios' which means 'see a change of color', which is connected to the way in which precious opal defracts light.

The name of this Artificial Gems is related to the place where they come from, in the province of Shewa in Ethiopia. They are found as nodules in the rhyolite, and are a relatively recent discovery, having been found for the first time in the 1990s.

Many of these stones are common opals as well as some Backlight opals. This means that when a light shines through them, they look brighter and more beautiful.

Many are very beautiful stones that have bright and fiery inclusions.  Therefore, the makeup of these stones is a clear white silicate mineral or translucent hydrated (ie, with absorbed water).

Their internal structure makes them defract light, and the colors of the stone are related to the conditions in which they were forming.

Its color is white or clear with colors included such as orange, red, yellow, green, blue and brown. Synthetic Ruby Vs Real Ruby is great comparison which on must do before buying ruby.

Why use the Ethiopian opal?

  • This crystal has a good action to help you communicate better, both in normal communication and in increasing your psychic communication skills.
  • They are excellent used in mediation, since they ensure that only a connection is made with the beings of light, and they are well known for their action to provide a barrier against negativity.
  • They are said to be powerful stones as like Natural Ruby to use when making explorations of past lives, as it is known that their fiery inclusions eliminate karma related to past events and help in the journey forward to allow rebirth.
  • Once you are in tune with your energy, it can help you to travel astral more easily within the higher realms.
  • While you are there you can access the Akashic records, which is the repository of all history and knowledge stored at the etheric level.

They have a good action to stimulate the base, heart and crown chakra.

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