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NXC came just short of confirming that the information

"My bet is Nexon will likely get picked up with a Chinese firm: past quarter, 45% of Nexon's earnings came from China, rather than only 34 percent from its home market of Korea," he remarked to GameDaily. According to the Korea Herald, in addition, MapleStory2 Mesos makes some financial sense for Tencent to have involved since Tencent is the writer of Nexon subsidiary Neople's Dungeon & Fighter in China, and"buying Nexon would significantly decrease the royalty fees that Tencent should pay Neople."

EA would be a company that is really interesting, should Nexon be pursued by the Battlefield publisher. Wedbush Securities does not insure Nexon, but analyst Michael Pachter did note that Nexon"looks like the ideal dimensions for EA to buy." From a strategic perspective, given EA's major push to the online world with games-as-a-service around PC, consoles and mobile, and their impending cloud gaming initiative, including the IP and tools of a Nexon would give EA a significant leg up, particularly in Asia.

The Kingdom of the Winds: popular games like MapleStory, Nexus, and KartRider would give EA a portfolio to match its dominance in sport with FIFA and Ultimate Team. FIFA Mobile was downloaded almost 200 million times, and FIFA Online 4 and FIFA Online 3 at Asia have over 115 million players combined. Whoever ends up winning the bidding war would also acquire. Big Huge Games oversees the favorite name DomiNations, that has seen over 19 million downloads.

For its part, NXC came just short of confirming that the information. A representative for the holding company commented that it's currently"verifying the information reports, however, the process was taking time because of procedural issues," according to the Herald. The spokesperson commented,"Despite the veracity of the reports, the company is preparing to make a speedy statement"

Morgan Stanley and deutsche Bank are expected to handle the sale. It's growth has become very, very impressive (see Statista graph below). No matter how you slice it, this is going to be a massive bargain for the landscape.

"I can not recall a bargain like that in ages, particularly when you consider the measurements," Toto added. "We're talking about one of the biggest gaming companies in the world that goes on sale here. This is a surprise Buy MS2 Mesos.

Though the majority of us were tuckered out over Christmas, eating huge plates of food and sleeping late every morning, MapleStory players had been fending off annihilation in the Dark Mage. The formerly honourable wizard was threatening all Maple World and players of the MMORPG needed to band together to shoot the malevolent sorcerer down.