Bad Service by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) as Changes should be done or it should be closed

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Solution Expected: Bring Awareness To Public
Seller/Brand: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)

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03 Apr, 2021 05:05 -  Complaint against Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is being posted on


We were facing very much painful internet connectivity issue with our BSNL 3G networks which was not paid heed to even after raising complaints on the same. BSNL kept closing the complaints without any resolution. On the top of it we were sent bills without any delay. BSNL is not able to provide a h

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We were facing very much painful internet connectivity issue with our BSNL 3G networks which was not paid heed to even after raising complaints on the same. BSNL kept closing the complaints without any resolution. On the top of it we were sent bills without any delay. BSNL is not able to provide a h

We were facing very much painful internet connectivity issue with our BSNL 3G networks which was not paid heed to even after raising complaints on the same. BSNL kept closing the complaints without any resolution. On the top of it we were sent bills without any delay. BSNL is not able to provide a high-speed connectivity even in urban areas. The customer care cannot solve the issue after registering the complaints on poor 3G connectivity. BSNL is having an extreme slow speed and the office can't sort it out.

We don't know how long it will take for them to understand that the internet is not only for amusement but for serious work as well. BSNL is having a pathetic customer service and support for its customers and we wonder why they are into this business when they can't support. Do you know that those who have problem with this company services, port out from BSNL, just due to a few incompetent people who consider their job as perk and not as responsibility? In simple words, BSNL employees are lazy to provide service. They are lazy because they don't know technical part of service.

We get the fact that sometimes the speed can be slow and sometimes the connections will fail. But to have a slow speed, and being unreliable all the time is good for you? That is unacceptable. And the worst part is, there's no one in the BSNL establishment who has any freaking answers as to why it's slow or unreliable. We are forced to move from one officer to the next. Who are the lazy superiors who don't do their work properly and make life miserable for you and indirectly make our internet slow? Are the speeds true to the ads or do we get less speeds than advertised? If we have a problem and no one listens to us in the BSNL office, is there a grievance officer?

But main part of the story started when we have still received the bill for the month of August, 2019 and probably supposed to get for September, 2019 also. When we submitted complaint on portal regarding BSNL full bill for August, 2019 after nearly 60 days of surrendering the said connection that the name mentioned in the surrender application should have been Parakash Agarwal instead of Best World India Private Limited so the surrender application was not processed and bill will continue to be issued until revised application form is submitted to BSNL mentioning corrected name.

In spite this a corporate connection having GST registration updated for the said company. Why it is so that when all correspondences with BSNL needs to be via a formal channel for all the customers and the same is not applicable for when BSNL communicates to the customers. There are no any kind of formal channels of communication apart from monthly bills from BSNL and regarding payment of bills. Why BSNL did not check the application thoroughly at the time of surrender of connection?

BSNL takes hours for surrendering their connections and still errors cannot be found out by BSNL officials on the applications forms. They had acknowledged the surrender application in our case and after two months informed us via telephonic call that the said application form was having some issues with the name being used while surrendering. When we as a customer raised a complaint regarding full billing raised for the month of August, 2019 when the said connection was surrender on the 1st day of August, 2019 itself. BSNL should inform their customers at the time of submission of application itself or if not possible at least after a couple of days after for any errors or issues regarding any submission of any applications to the company. BSNL should send a SMS or send an e-mail to the registered e-mail address associated with the BSNL connection or send all the communications via a registered post in the registered address.

Nobody at BSNL takes any form of responsibility, everyone wants to get rid of customers without any help and support. Nobody will tell you their name or official contact number. Leave apart official contact number, people are not willing to provide their names to the customers upon being requested for records and correspondence's purpose.

In spite of all these issues we sent our staff to BSNL office with a revised surrender application form but now BSNL wants to have the bill paid by us before accepting the revised surrender application form. What the hell is this? Why should we pay for BSNL inefficiency? Why should we pay for 2 months delay in informing us about a minor error in our surrender application form? We are not going to make any additional visit to their office until BSNL formally send us communication regarding discrepancy in our surrender application form and waives off all the billing done for the said period of delay by BSNL from date of our appliction for surrender oconnection with mobile number. We are ready to pay for the delay in making revised surrender application form from date of receipt of such official formal communication from BSNL via registered post. We would also request for refund of our security deposit with BSNL.

After the implementation of GST, we faced a lot of issues for updating GST registrations number which after many applications were not successfully updated for many months and we had to forego GST credit for many months and even after updating of the registration number we had found out that GST registration number was wrongly updated. Again, submitted applications for correction in GST registration numbers to BSNL.

That means you get you salary at the end of the month regardless what service you provide to the customer, there is no target or review for the employees. This makes the service the clumsy like any other government office. The majority of their staffs are still the same old employees who even after transforming to a government enterprise company follow the same routine and attitude. If at all a new employee try to bring up the better service the existing staff isolate him until he becomes one of them.

Is BSNL running out of technology, funding or resources?

No, it's not. It was killed by the officials. Soon you will hear the news that BSNL company is in loss.

Established in the year 2000, BSNL has been in debt since 2010-11. As per data from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), BSNL market share has come down to 9.7 per cent in January, 2019, from 19 per cent in March, 2009. The government is seeking immediate loans of Rs. 2,500 to keep afloat. This amount will sustain operations only for about 6 months and this is a big deterrent for the lenders. This is an unsustainable model and the fate of BSNL needs to be reconsidered. Telecom is not a public good and it does not make sense for the government to hold onto a failing.

The high employee costs of BSNL are unfit for today competitive markets when enterprises across the spectrum are economizing and cutting down costs to survive and remain competitive. The number of employees of BSNL stands at 1,65,179 and the total employees' cost is a staggering 75% of the total income of the company. Private players on the other hand have very low employee cost. Airtel has 20,000 workers and the employees' cost is 2.95 per cent of the income while Vodafone with 9,883 employees has the cost pegged at 5.59 per cent.

BSNL has been posting losses for the past few years. It has announced revival plans more than once but remains the most inefficient operator on various counts. BSNL has around 9.73 per cent share in the wireless market. This inefficiency, compounded by heightened competition, means BSNL chances of turning profitable soon are bleak.

BSNL also lacks 4G services and is facing tough competition from private players. BSNL introduces new products but fails to train their staff. The staff is rude and at times, clueless about how to solve issues. Losses for the company continue to accrue due to the large number of staff salaries. While the dot has also been emphasizing on the need to cut down on the huge employee costs of BSNL. There have been no concerted attempts to infuse new talent to help it keep pace with the competition.

I will be as blatant as I can in my following answer but it's the stark reality that most of the companies are facing loss. Historically, Indian telecom has been sluggish, corrupt and hopelessly inefficient and BSNL is just another pain for the nation and the credit goes mostly to its employees for their outstanding performance in making the life of consumers like not less than a hell on this earth.

BSNL sucks due to a few incompetent people who consider their job as perk and not as responsibility. To my night prayers for good health and peace, I am adding a new prayer, to save us from our service providers.

Whether it is the municipal corporation, water supply, electricity undertaking or telecom services, most of the government service providers harass citizens with their inefficiency, unaccountability, and one-sided rules that protect them, not the users for whom they exist. One aggrieved citizen, or even a handful, complaining about poor quality of services, gets us nowhere.

We need massive mobilization of telephones, water, electricity, banks and schools, to voice their concern, in large numbers, to get attention. Till that happens, all one can do is pray — to save us from dis-service providers. These government organizations are beyond repair. They are surviving only on taxpayer money, otherwise, they would have long been dead.

Whenever go to any government organization you see, one counter is operating among 6 - 8 counters available with personnel sitting there inside doing some calculation or tampering with mobile or reading weekly magazine.

It is the same with most government services government clinics and hospitals are so woefully inefficient that even the poor prefer to go to private hospitals, even though they cannot afford it.


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Complaint Details
Posted By : Anonymous
Seller/Brand : Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)
Purchase Type : Home Service
Product/Service Value : ₹3500
Solving Type : Bring Awareness To Public
Category : Internet Service Providers
Author's Country : India
Author's City : New Delhi
Defendant Website :
Defendant Phone : +91 18022133200
+91 18608933333
+91 18001801503
Defendant Email :
Contact Attempted : Yes
Viewed : 2
Created On : 2020-11-19 13:38:10
ID : 905
Tags : BSNL internet
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