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For many people, how to earn money online has been always been a challenge. If they could find a way to make money on the internet or some other online options, they would gladly quit their job and focus on starting something of their own.


BOLFOX is an online platform that pays you for posting information. Its FREE to signup, after you signup, complete your basic profile information, you can instantly start earning money. All you have to do is, write genuine contents like your complaints based on your experiences, reviews or you could even post classifieds to sell some of your old stuffs. BOLFOX, pays you for every valid activity. If how to earn money online is your question, you can visit and click on the Help & Support link at the bottom and will find all relevant information to get started.

Why should you choose us over the other classifieds sites?

Our team is dedicated to serve each and every customer with the best service. We raise the bar for customer service to a new level. We have more cities covered by our classifieds comparing to most other classified ads sites. The process of posting an ad is summarized in one or two pages. All you have to do is to fill the post an ad page and hit the submit button. We have tons of other features where you can find them by using the site.

What is our mission?

We are here to make sure that everyone has access to a free local classified ads site. Posting ads in every available city and in every available category can be done for free. Your listing immediately will be open to public and you can view, edit or delete it at any moment.

Who are the back-end people?

A great passionate team is running this site where their expertise goes beyond the limits in their respective field. Running a leading classifieds site requires a lot more than just programmers. The number of none programmers exceeds compare to the number of programmers. We work under Westsiders Ltd. and feel free to contact us for more info.

How can I learn more about and its future plans?

We encourage you to check out our blog page. We update the blog on regular basis. Plus, you can use the contact page to leave us your thoughts and ideas. Our team will do their best to respond to most questions associated with BOLFOX as soon as they can.

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